about me

This is me

When did I first discover my passion for design? I guess it all started when I made a dangler for the christmastree while using a jigsaw as a kid.

I also did an integrated degree program after, just to be sure.



Whenever I´m not occupied by moving the levels around in photoshop I love to treat myself to a good burger. To stay fit and healthy in my head and body I occasionally do sports, something like 5 times a week.

Since I´ve figured out that I´m not too bad at cycling, running and swimming (even without any help) I´ve started to participate at a few triathlon competitions. What makes me different to all the other athlets? Well I´ll also have energy for a (stupid) grin even on the last meters.

I love my Job

I ♥ my Job

I love Music

I ♥ Music

I love Music

I ♥ Traveling

I love Music

I ♥ Sport

I love Music

I ♥ Burger

Where do I work

For me it´s important to work at places I really feel comfortable. Flexibility is also on my list. If you put me inside a boring room I probably wouldn´t be too productive,